i'm Gismo dual leash holder

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  • walk 2 dogs with one hand: my double carabiner can hold two different leashes and allows you to comfortably walk two dogs in one hand! i can hold two dogs weighing up to 85lbs each.
  • reduce leash tangling: my uniquely designed carabiner system rotates at three different points to reduce leash tangling. i recommend using 3ft leashes or shorter to walk with me.
  • connect me: replace my single carabiner with my double carabiner when walking two dogs. simply twist and push down on the round nub, located on my Gismo handle, and slide the single carabiner free. at attach my double caraviner, twist and push down on the round nub to slide the metal ball into the opening.

walking two dogs is more manageable with my ergonomic rail sliding system and freely rotating, double carabiner.

How to use the i'm Gismo dual leash holder scan here: